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Cookies are small text information pieces stored on user’s computer. They are sent via WWW server, e.g. after visiting a Website. Usually they are used for easier usage and automatizing using a given Website. Cookies content does not allow to identify user. Cookies usually contain the name of the site they are connected with, time of storing on the computer and unique number.

Using cookies

Cookies are being used to store small user data, allowing to automatically log, remember cart contents in Internet stores or elements of display, layout and language of a Website. Sometimes they are counting entries or anonymous statistics in order to check if a given computer’s user has already been counted or participated in a survey.

Blocking cookies

In order to block cookies or disable some functions you need to change your browser’s settings.

Google Chrome

Click menu (top right corner), Settings » Show advanced settings. In Privacy section click Content settings.

Mozilla Firefox

Through browser’s menu click: Tools » Options » Privacy. Then you only need to activate field Firefox: will use user’s settings.

Internet Explorer

Tools » Internet options » Privacy. Use a slider to set privacy level.


In browser’s menu: Settings » Privacy and security » Cookies section.